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Awwww! I think babies are all born with oversized mellons - it makes them "cute" so we don't plop them in the nearest river at 3a.m. when they won't go to sleep. The difference being that some people grow into their mellons, and others...well...

The Other Adopted One

I could have sworn that you were adopted at 3 months old which would put you coming home around March '63. Am I crazy? Wait, let me rephrase that, I know I am crazy. Am I mistaken? What other details about your life do I have confused?


Awww for sure & I don't see much in the way of a weirdly shaped head - from this angle at least. Hey, you were born when the world was black & white too. Do you remember waking up that day when the color was added? That was crazy.


Wifey -- you may be right about the dates. That photo had a May 1963 date stamped on the border, as did a number of others in my baby album. There are no older pictures, and some of them appear to be taken at Children's Home, so I'm assuming that that was go-home day.

If I'm not mistaken, I had to stay in the home a few extra weeks because my sister-to-be had the measles.

And Jet -- it's funny you should mention the day when color was added. One of my very first memories is of watching Mr. Rogers, and thinking that his house looked different from what I was used to. It wasn't until I watched one of the retrospectives that aired after he died that I saw some clips of his show circa 1965. Those shows were in black and white. He switched to color in 1966, I think, making me three at the time. That must've been the big difference.

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